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Rose Rock Family Dentistry

Welcome to Rose Rock Family Dentistry ​Dr. Sara Bassett, General Dentist

Welcome to Rose Rock Family Dentistry ​Dr. Sara Bassett, General Dentist

Welcome to Rose Rock Family Dentistry ​Dr. Sara Bassett, General Dentist Welcome to Rose Rock Family Dentistry ​Dr. Sara Bassett, General Dentist

Our Services: Preventative

Routine Cleaning

Checking your teeth for tooth decay is just one part of a thorough dental examination. During your checkup we examine your mouth for any indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies. 

Periodontal Therapy

 Our periodontal disease management program includes gum evaluation at every cleaning and checkup appointment, in-office nonsurgical periodontal therapy, and referral to specialists when necessary.  

Our Services: Restorative

Tooth Colored Restorations

Amalgam fillings are very strong, good quality restorations, but only in certain cases. Generally, composite restorations are a better option for most patients. They seal with the tooth better, come in a variety of shades to blend naturally with the surrounding tooth structure, and can be repaired more easily than an amalgam filling.


If too much tooth structure is compromised, a crown must be used to protect the remaining tooth structure from breaking. These crowns are generally tooth colored, blend in well with the rest of your teeth, and will give your teeth the longevity a filling couldn't provide.  

 Essentially, a bridge is three or more crowns made at the same time and made into one piece. Each tooth next to the missing tooth space are adjusted to be able to support the bridge. The bridge is then cemented on permanently. Bridges are generally tooth colored and are aesthetically pleasing


 Extractions may be necessary for orthodontic treatment, crowding, impacted teeth, or severely decayed teeth. Most extractions can be done in-office, with or without laughing gas to make the experience more comfortable. If you prefer to be sedated for extractions, we can refer you to an oral surgeon. 

Complete and Partial Dentures

The smile and function of your mouth and teeth can be restored with use of a complete or partial denture. With newer, more natural looking materials and trust in our quality labs, you can chew and smile with confidence. 

Root Canal Therapy

Teeth have many layers: strong enamel on the outside, sensitive dentin directly under the enamel, and then the pulp or "nerve" as the bottom layer. A fractured tooth, a traumatic injury, or a deep cavity leaves the pulp susceptible to bacterial infection. Once the pulp is affected, the tooth will need a root canal to be restored. The inside of the tooth is cleaned out and cleared of infection and filled with a rubbery material to protect the inside of the tooth from being infected again. A crown is then placed on top of the tooth to protect it from breaking. In most cases, this procedure is done in-office. Special cases will be referred to a specialist if necessary. 


 The implant is placed into the bone and left to heal for a few months. A crown is then placed on top of the implant. This saves the surrounding teeth from needing to be affected (like with a bridge). The implant cannot get a cavity so it will not need to be restored again. Most implants can be done in-office without the need for referral to a specialist. 

Our Services: Cosmetic

Botox ®

  • Therapeutic and aesthetic options available
  • Treatment areas include: forehead, lips, nose, smile lines, gummy smile, and more!
  • Specific areas of treatment for migraines due to TMD 

Teeth Whitening

We offer three whitening options: 

  • A take-home whitening kit consisting of 10 filled whitening trays for you to use at your convenience.
  • Custom trays made from impressions of your teeth, and take-home whitening gel. If you run out of whitening gel, refills can be purchased!
  • ZOOM Whitening Package. This includes not only an hour of in-office whitening, but also custom whitening trays and a tube of gel for continued improved results!


Clear, removable braces with no wires or brackets! ClearCorrect is a system of custom trays that align your teeth quickly without the root shortening seen with traditional braces.